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A small dental filling can often be used to repair a single surface cavity. If a new cavity or chip later affects the same tooth a secondary dental filling might be able to address the issue. This is more likely to be viable for large molars and premolars.

If there isn’t sufficiently strong tooth enamel remaining to anchor another dental filling a dentist like Dr. Mathew Berg might need to treat the tooth by performing a dental crown restoration.

This type of dental restoration designed to fully replace the tooth’s entire enamel layer with another material such as gold, base metals, or a special type of dental grade porcelain. It will need to be anchored in your mouth by an abutment created from the existing dentin layer within the tooth.

To do this, Dr. Mathew Berg will carefully remove any existing dental fillings and the remainder of the tooth enamel. An impression will then be created, which will be sent to an off site dental lab where your dental crown will be produced from the applicable material.

You will to return to see Dr. Mathew Berg for a second appointment to have the dental crown cemented directly onto the abutment. This will fully restore the tooth’s function in your mouth.

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