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Did you know that your smile often depends on your oral health care? Not only does this include the lifestyle habits that you use, but it also relies heavily on your oral hygiene routines. This includes all the methods and techniques you use to keep your mouth clean and safe. Two of the most highly effective routines that you should be implementing with your oral health care include brushing and flossing. A toothbrush is not able to clean between the teeth. That is where flossing comes into play. Two potential options include dental floss and water flossers.

If you are a fan of threaded floss, then dental floss is the way to go. There’s no sense changing options if it has been proven to be effective in the past. Many prefer dental floss that will not shred upon use. One effective product that can accomplish this is single filament thread. It is designed to not tear or wear down when flossing between each and every tooth including behind your back teeth. Another important factor to consider with dental floss is a product that is long enough to move up and down the thread as needed in a single session. This is important because using the same section of a thread more than once can lead to recontamination in your mouth and simply move debris from one area to another.

If you’re finding that dental floss is not able to work as effectively as you need it to, try using an alternative product such as a water flosser. Water flossers are highly effective in situations when dental floss might not be the best choice. If you have any dental crowns, dental bridges, orthodontic aligners or other similar restorations in place, you may not be able to effectively clean between all areas in your mouth with traditional dental floss. Thus, a water flosser should be used as an alternative. Water flossers are also beneficial in situations where you may suffer from joint or muscle pain that makes traditional flossing difficult.

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