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If you have a weak, broken, decayed, worn-down, or misshapen tooth, your dentist, Dr. Mathew Berg, might recommend restoring the tooth with a dental crown, which is a dental restoration that is also called a dental cap. A dental crown replaces the tooth enamel and restores the tooth’s health and function. To tell you a little more about this restoration, our dental team is happy to give you the details about the treatment and care involved.

Dental crown treatment
The treatment will begin with your dentist numbing the mouth with a numbing agent to make sure you don’t experience any discomfort during the appointment. Then, he will shave a portion of the tooth enamel from the tooth. This will create room for the crown. Next, he will make an impression (a dental model or picture) of your tooth and will send it to a dental lab. At the lab, technicians will custom make your dental crown. As you wait for the crown to be created, your dentist will cover your abutment with a temporary crown.

Dental crown care
If you want your crown to last a lifetime, then you need to take good care of it. This means you need to practice great oral hygiene, which should include brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing your teeth once a day, rinsing your mouth daily, and attending your dental cleaning appointments every six months.

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