At the office of Mathew Berg DDS, we are pleased to offer the latest dental technology to enhance the efficacy and comfort of your dental visits. To ensure your smile is receiving the high standard of care it deserves, we may utilize our Isolite® patient comfort system during your dental procedure.

The Isolite family of products allows Dr. Mathew Berg and our team to more effectively perform many dental procedures where quick, reliable isolation is needed. When using Isolite, the patient’s oral cavity is lit up from within the mouth, providing a remarkably shadowless illumination that benefits both practitioner and patient. Moreover, placement of the Isolation Mouthpiece ensures that the patient’s cheeks and tongue are automatically retracted and protected, resulting in a decreased risk of discomfort for the patient and providing more room for our dentist to treat your smile.

This cutting-edge isolation technique provides numerous benefits for both dentist and patient, including faster procedures, increased visibility, quick and reliable isolation, and better ergonomics. This means that your treatment will be quicker and more comfortable, and the results will be more fully customized to your unique smile.

For more information on Isolite® in El Paso, Texas, please contact the office of Mathew Berg DDS at 915-591-5333. We look forward to hearing from you.