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If you avoid products that contain terminology like “teeth whitener” because you are worried about causing harm to your gum tissue and tooth enamel, our team can help you determine the safety and legitimacy of the products you are interested in using. We offer a general review of what you should know about teeth whitening at home to protect and whiten your smile.

When choosing a product that claims it can whiten your teeth, make sure it has been approved by the ADA and earned their Seal of Acceptance, which is given only to products that have been cleared by thorough testing. Remember that even safe whitening products may not provide the desired results, and your mouth may be more sensitive to some teeth whitening products than others. If you develop tooth sensitivity after trying a product, stop using it for a few days or visit our dentist to treat severe tooth discomfort.

Dr. Mathew Berg is happy to assist you in finding an at-home teeth whitening option that works. We offer custom take-home whitening kits with a potent whitening gel and dental tray. You pour the product into the tray and wear it in your mouth every night for a few weeks until you see the results you want. You can also receive in-office whitening treatment for faster results, as this option can whiten your teeth up to 10 shades with one application.

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